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30th Anniversary


All of our most common stocks are now FSC or PEFC rated, this includes all house stocks for cards and posters, representing 90% of our digital printing, and 100% of our regular club-run offset printing.

Our new Xerox ColourPress 800 uses environmentally superior EA (Emulsion Aggregation) toner, a sub-micron sized latex based particulate grown with wax and pigment to yield much more efficient coverage compared to previous technology using finely crushed plastic and fuser oil. This process allows for lower overall product usage, reduced waste toner, and lower melt application, together resulting in 20% savings at both production and fusing stages. Unlike previous generations, this Xerox 800 can operate from freezing cold to very hot climatic conditions.

In addition Xerox has a very extensive recycling program. Almost no Xerox parts or supplies end up in our garbage, we don't even have a trash container, as all waste paper and cardboard is also fully recycled.

East Van Graphics uses natural plant airflow ventilation, efficient ceiling fan placement in a high ceiling environment, and utilization of production equipment excess heat to eliminate the need for central HVAC throughout our facility. Air conditioning is extremely energy hungry, and often uses natural gas, while we have eliminated the need for air conditioning altogether, and have kept our use of natural gas to very minimal levels in the dead of winter. In the summer we work in slightly warm conditions and in the fall/winter we work in somewhat cool conditions. So we wear a sweater. Ask your other printers if they use HVAC.

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Banner photo shows a snapshot of a few months of various posters printed at East Van Graphics.